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Don’t Concern Yourself, Be Yourself Proudly

I know that some of my advice is “common sense”, and you have heard it before, but I think gentle reminders and nudges are needed by everyone.

The women in that video I just shared


reminded me that I don’t need to conform, I don’t need to “act my age” and I do need to be me. They give themselves permission to dress any way they want. And that is no small thing. Dressing in ways that work for you and please you is just one way of being you. They don’t worry if anyone looks, they enjoy it. But the message was a much deeper more meaningful one- that at any age you can still live a joy filled life and so long as you are not hurting anyone, whatever anyone else thinks, screw them if they don’t like it!!

Its important to give yourself permission. We tend to worry too much about what others might think. If you want to strip naked and wash your privates modestly in the ocean (as an adorable older man did yesterday at the beach where I was running my dogs), then do it. If you want to prancer size, go for it. Just start dancing. Start a blog. Chat up the cute bartender. Compliment someone. Fight for your cause. Go grey, red, or bald.

I see so many women who really want to do something, but hold back. Worrying about what others may think is useless.

I love to dance, and I am always on the dance floor of any event that has one. I will dance alone. Just me and the dj or band, because I love it. My poor husband is a great sport and will join me. Soon others are doing the twist with me. It may seem trivial, but it more than just moving to music. Its the idea that I am doing something for me, something I love, something that brings me joy, and if I have to do it alone, or be the first, or not do it perfectly, it doesn’t matter. That philosophy then affects all aspects of your life.

Most people are more afraid of what others will think, then of the activity or choice itself. That is sad. A more lithe way of living is do what you want, dress how you want, sing out loud, interview for that job, ask for what you want or need, share your gifts, and feel the power that is you…

And take to the floor and dance like no one is watching


These Women Are Defineately Living the Lithe Life!!

http://seniorplanet.org/dont-dress-your-age-six-inspiring-women-say-no-to-drab/?fb_action_ids=10201853371328365&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.UpDXsJNTqXI.like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582 What I love about these ladies is their spunk, spirit, power, individuality, style, and wisdom. We should all be rockin’ it this well at whatever age you are now Have a Lithe Sunday Triston read more