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Holiday Events Are Coming, One After Another and Now is the Time to Plan to Ensembles and Thank You Gifts !!

Holiday Events Are Coming, One After Another and Now is the Time to Plan to Ensembles and Thank You Gifts !!

Thanksgiving is late this year, so it’s going to be a tight season for office parties, family events, cookie exchanges, house parties, ice skating, New Years Day hike and brunch, and charity dances. Take some time this weekend and double check your holiday outfit(s). This may sound trivial or silly, but spending some time now with all your party clothes, your event planner, and accessories, will allow for a much more relaxed, chill, smooth ease into the party mode.

After you have pulled the possibilities, ask:
Are they clean, do they need repair, do they still fit well, do you have nylons, are your winter coats back from the dry cleaners, are your shoes in good condition? is this sweater really ugly enough?

Spending half an hour this weekend going over the list of events you have coming up and double-checking what you want to wear is organized will allow for a better party season. You won’t end up stressed from rushing. Once you decide now what to wear, try it on, pull the accessories together (I put the jewelry I want to wear IN the purses), and put to the side of your closet with the dressy shoes, scarves, gloves, jacket, etc. You will probably have duplications, which is all the better.

When you have decided ahead of time on your attire for important (that office dinner) and fun events (crab feeds), after pre-approving your various ensembles, you will leave the house with confidence, knowing you look good and put together. You will have already asked “does this fit right” “is the zipper gonna pop” “is this dressy enough” “will this work from office to cocktails” “does the sweater work with the skirt”…

Once you are done with the wardrobe playtime, think about the gifts you may need to bring- if you can manage to bring the same types present, go for it. Don’t stress on the gifts, they just need to be appropriate for the person you are giving them too. Make them as personal as you want, or not. Cute small umbrellas for a hostess, a bottle of great rose’, wine stoppers, hand lotion, you get the idea. No need to spend hours picking out the presents, just go to say, a store like Cost Plus, that has a bit of everything, stock up on some gifts, put them in gift bags (you don’t have to buy expensive fancy bags, go to the party store and get party favor bags), and line up by closet with the outfits.

When it comes time for the event, you are good to go; you can put on the dance music, sip some champagne and have time to spare.

Happy Planning!!