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Lithe Living and Sabotage

Lithe Living and Sabotage

Whenever we try and switch up our lives, we will run into Sabotage and Saboteurs. As we move forward, our circumstances, our friends and family, our work, our habits, will all work in ways to slow us down, stop us, or even set us back wards.

When I knew I needed to lose weight, I had to have a good sit down talk with my husband. He was the kind who would say, here, you take the last bite. Our dinners were often full course big meals that I cooked, but I often didn’t even want to eat. But as is often the case, I end up eating it because my family did. I had to tell him no stop offering me more food, and that while I loved him for loving me as I am, I needed him to support my goals. I myself could eat salad and chicken breasts or fish, or tacos for dinner, but if dear husband wants pizza for dinner, it is so hard to not dive in a have a big slice. Not to knock pizza, but I wouldn’t have missed not having it. I learned to block the sabotage, by always eating a big green salad before meals. I couldn’t change him or take away his food, but I could try and not just surrender to habits. Just because I cooked it didn’t mean I had to eat it!!!

I often sabotage myself. As soon as I sit and start writing, I see something that needs to be dusted or put away. Its not that I am uber fussy, but I am easily distracted. Right now I see a pile of stuff for charity (waiting for pick up) and I want to go over to it and rearrange. I usually write outside my house at a library, museum, café, as its harder to sabotage myself with household distractions. Today, I am stuck writing at home, and I find it easier if I don’t look around me. Don’t’ get me wrong, my house is clean, but you know that its never just right. When working at home, I even sign myself off of the internet. And I have to just sit myself down and work.

Self-sabotage is one of the toughest habits to break, but once you do, you will be so much lither and freer. You can’t always stop others sabotage, family and friend often don’t even know its sabotage- asking you to hold unto their stuff, wanting certain foods, not getting that you need to spend time organizing and planning, that your time is valuable, and that the Lithe You needs to be able to do your own thing.

Think about how you are sabotaged, and think about what you can change. Do you need to get out to get things done? Can you exercise at home, or do the dogs and the dust under the tv distract you? When you cook, do you eat the food you don’t really want just because its there? Do you stop in the middle of something because someone in the house needs something? Do you succumb to outside influences?

Its time to make yourself number one. Whatever is distracting you can usually and will wait. The dust will still be under the sofa, the laundry will still be there waiting to be folded, but your exercises need to be done for you NOW, your nails need to look decent NOW, and you can substitute simple baked potato for buttery mashed ones.

Today, do something for YOU and your LITHE-LIFE, something just for you. And don’t organize and clean something. Maybe get or give yourself a mani-pedi, spend fifteen minutes doing squats and lunges, make yourself a smoothie, read a book, do a volunteer gig or craft project, and THEN, do something toward your litheness. Lithe Lifestyle is all about balance, so make sure you get that balance and make sure you don’t let saboteurs wreck or create imbalance.

Yours in Litheness