Daily Archives: October 14, 2013

Keegan and Kaleigh – thank you for your joy

Walking my lovely dogs yesterday, a young man stopped me and asked if he meet them!! Of course!!!! While Kaliegh can be a bit cautious, Keegan leans into the person’s hand for pets or a massage. Then Kaliegh is interested and wants her turn.

This young man, it seemed he needed some puppy vibes and to feel the fur on his fingers. Maybe he had a bad night or maybe he was just having a great day and wanted to say hello. Whatever it was, it was such a sweet moment.

There have been many times people have wanted to stop and pet Keegan. He smiles when he walks, is a big boy, but gentle with people. There is an old man with crippled hands who sits outside near a store I go to. Whenever I see him, if I have the dogs with me I make it a point to stop or pull over. When the man sees us from his lawn chair, a big smile brightens his face. As we walk over, Keegan recognizes him and moves to lean into the man’s chair. Knarled, arthritic hands rub into Keegan’s furry back and Keegan graciously and lovingly stays as long as the old man needs. Little kids, women in wheel chairs, people going to crisis, my dogs have given some solice and joy to many, all the ones I have had through out my adult life.

Dogs accept you for who you all and all the want in return is kindness, walks, food water and shelter. You can be moody, tired, cranky, and they can shake you out of that space.

Thank you all my pups for everything you have done to make people’s lives more joyous

Lithely and Arfly Yours

Keegan and Kaliegh