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More Lithe Wardrobe Accessories Basics-

More Wardrobe Accessories Basics-

To have a great a lithe wardrobe you need to have classic accessories that will last the years and be a base for styles that come and go. You will always want to get a scarf, shirt, sweater that is a bit “in fashion” or shoes that are de rigueur for the season, but the Lithe chic woman will pair the faddish piece with the classics she has in her wardrobe. That animal print sweater is fun, and can look amazing with cream cords, that color block dress will look best with a classic pump, and that white lace summer dress will look adorable with your old Keds or simple wedges.

Here are some classic accessories that will round out your lithe wardrobe and will work with many of the new “fashions” that come and go.

Black , White or Blue Ked-type shoes,
good for picnics, walking, boat rides, travel, look at your wardrobe and pick a basic color that matches most of your colors. I have black, white and teal colored Keds. When I travel, I usually take the black or teal, depending on the season. They pack well, look cute with skirts or dresses, and are truly timeless. Worth spending a little extra to get ones you can walk for miles in.

Boots that Can Handle “inclement weather”
- if you can find a pair of leather or leather-like flat boots in black, maroon, brown that zip up over jeans or will work with a skirt, buy them asap. They can be ankle, shin or knee height, and shouldn’t be stiff, like wellies. If they have a zipper, all the better. These are wonderful for fall, early spring or winter travel or every day life. A classic riding boot without as little bling as possible is the best choice. Uggs, hunter boots, while good for trudging around in, are not great for travel, or dinner, or shopping. Your boots should be able to transition from day to night or rain to dry or skirt to pants.

Black clutch- will go with almost any evening attire. I have a black clutch that I can pin a broach on to bling it out a bit and tie it into, say a green satin dress. It’s the piece you take for travel if you want something special for evening.

Gold and Silver Evening Purse
- I am currently on the hunt for this. A bejeweled evening bag that would go with whatever jewelry I am wearing. A gold and silver bag would go with shoes in either tone, with blue, with red, and you don’t have to concern yourself if the earrings have a gold or silver casing. I think about that, not very lithe, but I like things to work together without being matchy-matchy. A gold and silver evening bag would look smashing with a LBD, a white tuxedo jacket, sexy blue jeans and glittery top. Look for a more subtle sparkle, don’t go the disco ball route.

Pearl Necklaces-. One short strand and one long strand-don’t have to be real pearls, but should have the weight and feel of the real thing. These are a must. They can work with anything. For those themed events, for a picnic where you want to bling out a bit when wearing black jeans and a sweater, for a “ladies who lunch event,” pearls are the neutral of jewelry. If you aren’t sure how dressy a dinner is going to be, throw the pearls in your purse, if people are more dressed you thought, pull out the pearls and voila, you have upgraded your look in an instant.

Black leather gloves
- Another must. As well, have a few pair of wool gloves in your accessories drawer., for that soccer game, chilly evening walks. You don’t have to buy expensive gloves, just ones that feel soft and fit well. Look for pre-season, or Christmas sales. Ask for them as a gift!! They are always in style, and no matter what your age, they will be with you and you will wear them often. If there is a good sale, get a pair in a “fun color”- read, blue, yellow, maybe something in your local sports teams color. At least have wool gloves to wear rooting for your team

Wide Brimmed Sun Hat- Another item you don’t need to spend a fortune on. You will be grateful for a sun hat when you go on that picnic, boat ride, vacation, barbeque. Look at your casual wear, and find a color that works. I have a teal soft straw one that goes with most of my summer wear. It doesn’t have to match, just has to “go with” your outfits. A cream colored one, even black, navy, whatever works best with your swimsuits. And pick a color that really goes with your skin tone and doesn’t shout “HEY HAT HERE”. I pick ones I can roll up for easy transport. This will also be in your wardrobe forever, head sizes don’t change!! If you wear a pony tail, try and find one that works with a low ponytail. This is worth spending some time on and trying on several hats, you don’t want one with too wide a brim, or too tall a crown. It should flatter, you should be able to walk with it on and not hit people in the head- no wider than shoulder width. And too floppy doesn’t allow for seeing well.

Reading Glasses- Even if you don’t need them yourself right now, there will come a day when your significant other or you will need them read that menu or that pill bottle or map. Having a simple nerdy pair, bookish ones look adorable, in your bag and you will make friends!! Oh, here borrow mine!!

More to come!!!