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Planning a trip? Check out The Vivienne Files and Think GO BAG!!

Planning a trip? Check out The Vivienne Files and Think GO BAG!!

My daughter works for a major television network news show and she has a go-bag. She hasn’t used it yet, but she is prepared to travel at the last minute with all the basics

Black pants, black skirt, under garments, socks, training gear, accessories and such in her favorite accent color, red. She could be ready to travel anywhere in about ten minutes. She also purchased a great umbrella, rain coat, tanks top, sweater, scarves, all in a carry on. Erin has created or is in the process of collecting attire, shoes, boots, bags that are good in rain, snow, storms, or in an office, government building, temples or mosques, or where ever else her job might take her on short notice. But having the basics helps for those weekends away she DOES do!!!

I was thinking about a “go bag” and the concept of minimalist travel and I ran across the Vivienne Files blog. This blog specializes in wardrobes that use basics and show pictures of pieces that help build a pretty LITHE wardrobe and is inspiring for its color combinations. It is so lithe and clean in its presentation, it’s calming to look through while at the same time a bit addictive. What is so wonderful about her website is she knows what women want and need when they travel, and that comfort doesn’t have to take the place of style, sexiness, and ease.

I am heading of to Seattle for three days next weekend. It should be a fun time, rain or shine, with one of my besties, Michele.!! This quick trip has motivated me to go back into my drawers, shelves, and take another look at my wardrobe. I ordered a few classic pieces to round out my wardrobe. I am actually creating a couple of “go bag” wardrobes, one for city travel, and one for beach or wine country travel.

City Travel- black jeans and cords, dark jeans, black skirt, teal or turquoise sweater, scarves of many colors, a dress that works with black or turquoise sweater, white tote bag (brightens the other colors and white and black always work) classic French style striped shirt, and a couple of shirts of evening. It all fits in an unwheeled carryone. I can put my Ipad mini, maps, shoulder small bag, etc into the white tote.

For country, I go more the blue basic look, with pinks and yellows. Black can be too heavy a look. But most of my accessories are chosen to go with both country and city mouse attire!! The white tote, the turquoise keds, the tank tops, can all work for both types of adventures. I am missing brown boots for country mouse, but they will come into my life now that I know what I need.

And before you think wow all those choices and living lithe? Most items I were in my day to day life, I just mentally have them divided up so I can grab and go!! Sure, I ordered a few things, some new sweaters, but I will wear them all the time in my daily lithe life. I have learned it better to have fewer items that fit well, the iffy pieces that work with on other piece only. We all know the packing rules, we just need to follow them!! And the best way to follow the rules, is to prepare now. Look for sales, off season items, and go for classics. Dark washed jeans, pea coats, simple flats…you can always get a cheap fun shirt that is “in fashion”, a wild animal print, stripes, the burnt orange color, but don’t spend lots of money on the “in fashion” items. They can always be used as exercise or gardening wear!!

Happy Trails and Go Lithely!!