Daily Archives: September 14, 2013

A great day of beauty and joy!!

It’s a Saturday night. Spent the day with the lovely sisters-in-law going to a museum, the Japanese tea garden and a conservatory of flowers with a butterfly room!! And came across four or five weddings!!!

It was a jam packed day, but yet it was easy, so very pleasant and lithe. No pressure, everyone was easy going and relaxed and it was really fun.

There is something about just looking at things, appreciating beauty, talent and not talking about anything serious. I need to remember to do that-look at flowers, find art, enjoy the people watching, slow down and breath. It was an amazing day of art and nature and slowing down while hurrying just a bit.

It’s always been hard for me to “go with the flow”. So today was good. I guided the day along, and we got to do everything we wanted and yet it was so relaxed. I need to remember days like today. And I need to remember what amazing sisters-in-law I have. They are awesome!!!

Have a wonderful evening living lithe