Daily Archives: August 11, 2013

Movie of the Day!! Barefoot in the Park

After writing today’s post about going barefoot, I was reminded of the movie, Barefoot in the Park, If you haven’t seen, watch it ASAP (Netflix has it)!! The Jane Fonda character, Corrie, is amazing and she is the essence of living the LITHE life, though there funny hints of wanting everything to be perfect. Her husband, Robert Redford, adorable but not as free spirited as his new bride, but man does he look amazing!!

The basic premise of the movie: Newlyweds, he’s an attorney, she’s not working and setting up their new home, five floor walk up tiny studio apartment in New York City. She is thrilled, he, not so much. They movie is light, airy, charming, the characters are sweet, her mother is lovely, the neighbor is the kind we all want to have and I don’t want to share anymore!! You need to soak this movie in. Appreciate Corrie’s truly LITHE way of thinking, being, breathing, loving and embracing life.

The title, well, that one I would love to put on my dogs collar or leash, to remind me when I am out walking them, that to at least mentally be barefoot.

Taking of my shoes right now,