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LiTHe LiViNG Monday- Words Have Power

Living Living – Why Words Matter

From this day forward, watch the words you use to describe yourself. There have been numerous studies, books, blogs, practices etc about the words we use and think about ourselves, and how the affect our physical selves and can manifest, narrowing possibilities. Would you accept anyone else saying these negatives about you? Then why should you say it about yourself? It can become a habit and you know habits can be changed.

The negatives we blurt out and share with ourselves and the world affect how we feel, look, act, work. Whether you fully embrace the theory that words do hurt the physical, what harm can it do to switch up your vocabulary and go for more positive choices of how to talk about yourself?! It is only GOOD to speak well of ourselves in all manner- physically, mentally, spiritually, relationship-wise, that old adage fake it till you make it, well change that to THIS IS MY REALITY, I can control how I feel, I control how I react and I control how I act….

Lets look at the words you probably say and lets get them out of your brains and replace them with words that lift us up, inspire, and help create the best LITHE you ever!!

Here are the NONONO words- I Feel/Am/ Look:
Fat, bloated, tired, old, stiff, grumpy, moody, frustrated, angry, stupid, silly, poor, lazy, sad, afraid, wounded, stressed, sick

Here are the YESYESYES words- I Feel/Am/Look:
Healthy, fit, pretty, smart, charming, comfortable, ready, available, sparkly, rich, cute, rested, lithe, fun, brave, healed, relaxed, shine, learn, embracible, loving, caring, well

When you find yourself saying something the least bit negative about yourself, erase that thought be immediately following with TWO positives!! It can be the same words or different, enjoy the sounds of the words and take them into your heart and brain and spirit. After you say your positives, then take a few deep breathes, taking those words inside.

I am truly LITHE today,