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LITHE Style- Go Team!!!

Basics of Every Lithe Woman’s Wardrobe- Team Spirit

Do you live in a sports town? Do you need to sometimes put on the Gold and Red, or Blue and Yellow? Are your team colors pretty unflattering? Are the logo’s offensive or just tacky?

I know its important to support the locals, but do not wear a team jersey, they are for teenagers. Seriously, a cute and sexy t-shirt is fine, something that flatters, but wearing men’s cut anything is just silly unless you are 17 years old and it’s your boyfriend’s. Would you rather be seen for how amazingly put together you look, even for just watching a sports game, or just be seen as one of the dudes, looking like a man in an oversized football jersey?

My suggestion is to either buy a cute fitted woman’s cute team shirt, or have shirts in the team’s colors. We have five sports teams in the bay area, all with different colors. Some colors I look good in, others not so much. I have a couple of nice t-shirts that fit well and flatter that have a vintage feel- soft material, and not at all expensive (they are more for working out in, but I have been known to wear one during playoffs at the local pub). I have a sweater (black or red or white or blue) to wear over the top if its cold. I refuse to wear a bulky team sweatshirt that just takes up room in my closet. Its not like anyone really cares at the bar or the game if I am in official team bling, so long as I am not in the opposing team’s colors. (Side note, double check that before you go out if it’s a big sports night).

To me, after a certain age, like 24 and out of school, women wearing bomber jackets, over-sized t-shirts or sweatshirts are trying too hard. Call me silly, but I take looking sexy and cute over team spirit any day. Just look for a few pieces that look good and are your team’s colors, pair with a rocking pair of jeans and awesome boots, and you will look classy, fun, and into the team!! Maybe look for fun earrings with the teams colors. Cheap and easy, and truly LITHE as they take up very little room and show, hey, I care who wins…

When I feel the need to go with the flow and sport the team colors, say, during playoffs, I most likely will grab a cute black cami, white blouse, dark jeans and throw on an orange scarf or earrings (Go Giants!) to watch the game with friends. If it’s the Warriors, I grab a blue sweater and yellow scarf, and for the 49ers, red sweater with gold accents and black jeans. I have built a small “team wardrobe” over the years, with just a few simple pieces that I actually can wear everyday.

On the subject of teams, ladies, once your kid has graduated from a school, whether it be elementary, middle, high school or college, those bulky sweatshirts and t-shirts need to be retired. It is better to have one really good fitting fleece jacket than ten old sweat shirts with a huge bear paw or lunging wolf on it. Just donate back to the school or goodwill. Yes, supporting your child’s alma mater is important, but there is no need to walk around in their clothing and mascots images, after even your child has stopped. Hopefully, you have met some parents whose kids are still going to that school, and you can offer up your turquoise hoodie with the Leapin’ Lizards Class of 2009 to them.

So take a look through your wardrobe, and pull out those logo’d clothes (which isn’t LITHE to own or wear anyway) and find them a new home. As the sport’s season come around, see what you already have, say, a blue top, and red sweater, or black and white French style striped shirt and put together one awesome looking outfit to say, GO TEAM!! A scarf in the team colors with automatically elevate you to looking like a true fan!!