Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

Lithe Living means saying NO!!! to:

We clutter our lives with things that don’t do us any favors, that weigh us down, that don’t flatter…living LITHE means letting go of bad habits and saying NO to:


Hair to your waist, unless it is perfect

Tattoos (sorry, after 50 getting a tattoo is just not living LITHE

Permanent Make-Up


Anything Uber short

Fast food (if only option, go for salad)

Soda of any description, (but club soda is okay to cut wine)

Bread at dinner, unless it is warm

Hello Kitty, Disney, or any kid-like t-shirts, coats, hoddies, (if you MUST have that     Ima Princess shirt, save it for the gym)

Hair that has too many colors, really obvious roots, or styles from another century

Escalators, take the stairs whenever possible

Dry Flowers, bad feng shui

Cheap hair products, no need to spend a fortune, but a good conditioner is priceless

Hiding scars

Retail Therapy (but it is okay to go and fondle those magnificent heels

Reading bad books all the way through, skip to the last chapter if you must know

Worrying about wrinkles, but of course do what you can to look good

Saying anything negative about yourself, especially to others, but you can of course joke about yourself

Wearing fad fashions unless they REALLY work for you

Wearing logos of anything, if you must have Chanel, make it subtle, but FCUK tshirts, Hollister sweatshirts only should be worn by those under 18.

College sweatshirts unless on the campus for a sports event or at the gym or walking the dog in the dark

Shoes that make you look like you have your mothers feet

Being too skinny and not fit

Denying what you like

Being jealous of anyone, you can be envious, but that is not a negative

Feeling guilty for treating ourselves

Typing everything, hand written notes are very special

Too much sports swag when at a game

To tolerating ugly jokes

To having to clean your plate

Bad fitting Jeans

Leaving your factory set voice message on cell phone

Always having it your way

Ignoring People

Too much meat