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Doctor’s Visit

Just had my annual physical, rather, my first full physical in five years. I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t had my blood work done in quite a while. For the last five years, I have been really working to keep myself healthy, and it has paid off. Only issue I have is low Vitamen D levels. Knowing that my heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, bones, blood, and my insides are in good working condition feels wonderful.

I know that illnesses, cancer, injuries, flues, colds, and other maladies can hit even the seemingly healthiest of people, so I am not naive in that regard, nor would I even think it was someone’s fault for get some cancers or other illnesses. I do believe however that we should always work our hardest and treat our bodies as best we can so as we age we have fewer issues.

I wrote a post awhile back saying that I did just people by what they ordered. It was just so frustrating to see people put toxins and poisons in their bodies, carrying around weight that hurts the knees and the back, then taking medications to deal with the pain, then walking less because of the pain, and the vicious cycle continues.

One reader called me an “anorexic freak”. That comment just showed me I hit a nerve. I am not anorexic, just as my doctor. And if you think eating 1400plus calories of fried, greasy, no nutrition food is okay, then there is nothing I or anyone can do to change your mind.

Be kind to your bodies, treat them with respect and love, and hope you are lucky enough to have them for a very long time.


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