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Yeah, I judged people for their lunchtime choices

Yeah, I judged

As I stood at Panda Express, waiting for fresh veggies to be brought out, I watched customers order their own lunches. All I can say is wow, no wonder there is an obesity crisis. Panda Express is a “fast food” place, I know that, but they do offer some lithe choices. There is no reason to load up a plate with fried, breaded, greased up food, and a giant soda, especially for one person.

It was frankly kind of gross. Fried rice, orange chicken, pot stickers, deep fried shrimp, easily 1400+ calories for one lunch, and not a vegetable to be seen. Meanwhile, there were choices like steamed veggies, green beans or mushrooms and chicken, shrimp with peppers, with calories for a full plates around 550.

What I found sadly typical, the obese in line, and yes, this is going to be harsh, ordered the least healthy, most fat laden fare, while the fitter people in a healthier weight range ordered much more balanced meals. I also noticed that those ordering the healthier meals, ordered it to go, eating some now and some later.

What was so frustrating was seeing obviously morbidly obese people eating the worst foods making few healthy choices, if any. They ignored the salad bar, the vegetable choices, the steamed and sauted choices, and went for the fattiest least “good for you” options.

When I saw someone go up to order their meal, I could guess what they were going to order just by their weight. I was right 9 times out of 10.

Some will say, none of my business, and it really isn’t my business. But it is societies business, it is the health industries business, it is the doctors who care for people, who proscribe medications, who give advice, they need to talk to their patients about healthy and nutritious foods.

I stumbled upon a show called My 600lb Life. It was like watching a car wreck, with no one taking responsibility for what they had done to their own bodies. People weren’t able to leave their homes for years, yet they got bigger and bigger.

Even when asked how they got so large, rarely did the person say, oh I did this to myself. Rarely did the family say, oh, when my mom or sister could no longer walk, I brought her McDonalds and KFC every day. It was denial upon denial upon denial piled upon deflection and I don’t knows.

If you asked the people at Panda Express how many calories they thought they were eating (and the calorie estimates are shown right there) they would under estimate by at least half. Studies have shown that to be true, especially for obese people.

Having lost 40 pounds, and kept it off, I know how important it is to pay attention to what one eats, and how much. I know how hard it is. I make choices every day. I know eating at Panda Express wasn’t the healthiest of all my choices, I wanted mushroom chicken, but I made the smartest choices I could. When the server asked if I wanted a free sample, I said sure, I’ll try the orange chicken. That one taste was enough to satisfy my craving, and then I filled up on steamed broccoli and carrots, with some chicken and mushrooms.

Did I judge the people ordering the giant plates of fat laden food, yeah, sadly I did. Did I wonder what they were thinking when they ignored the green vegetables and picked only items that were basically beige- rice, noodles, potstickers, eggrolls? Oh, the one item with color was Coke. It angered me. It was as if I was watching people slowly hurt/kill/injure their bodies with food.

Yeah I judged. Poor choices deserve judgment. I judge smokers too.

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