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Beginning of the Year Business-

Spring Ahead- More than just time

I haven’t been writing for a week or so because I am working on other projects I have neglected.  It was partly because I had so many first of the year business projects I had to complete.  I found I couldn’t write because I felt I was avoiding the paperwork I really needed to get done.  It is really meaningless paperwork that I never can get right the first time anyway, but I made the decision to dig in and quit avoiding and postponing the work.  I always make the official deadlines, but I should have set my own deadlines, and would have gotten the yucky work, and it is yucky, and frankly stupid work out of the way.   And no matter how hard I try, I always seem to give in the wrong report (I don’t understand the lingo), so they send me a request, and voila I get it right the second time. Now that I am done, phew, my brain is free to write what I want.

So if you have a habit of postponing the inevitable, just do the best you can and get it done.  I always include a note saying please let me know what I am missing, as this is unfamiliar to me.

I still have reports to send in, but at least I know what I am doing now and they have the bulk of the information!!

Living a lithe life doesn’t mean you have to know how to do everything, its figuring out how to get things done with the least amount of annoyance, frustration, and time.

Pick the brains of the people asking for reports and paperwork, let them know you aren’t that schooled in workers comp or flooring replacement, let them educate you, ask the questions, and sometimes spending a bit for a consultation will save much time and money later.

Happy Spring Ahead!


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